The METROLOGICAL LABORATORY produces sample leaks calibrated to the required flow value. In conformity with ISO17025 provisions (and through the services of its highly qualified staff with certification as per ISO9712 regulations) it also provides periodic calibration services.

Laboratory activities include:

  • Construction of leaks calibrated to the value requested
  • Calibration of flows (sample leaks)
  • Calibration of low-vacuum vacuum gauges

Il laboratorio opera in accordo alla normativa ISO17025 con personale qualificato UNI-EN473, ISO 9712.

Process quality means being able to demonstrate that the measurements taken refer unequivocally to the International System of units of measurement (SI).

To achieve this aim, our measuring instruments are calibrated in laboratories equipped with systems that take national samples as their reference.

In the leak detection sector, each and every selected flow measurement system requires calibration. If the leak detector is a mass spectrometer, centred on the mass of the helium or that of other gases, calibration correlates the output signal with the leak values that generate it.

To this end, use is made of reference flows which may be produced by means of capillary leaks or permeation leaks. These constitute what are termed reference leaks.

In turn, the leaks must be calibrated with primary systems, or, for the purpose of comparison with transfer leaks, calibrated with a primary method.


On use of reference leaks the values of which approximate to the working leak, with the hypothesis that the signal provided by the spectrometer is linear with respect to the generated flow, the unknown flow is given by the formula to the left/right, where q-unknown is the flow generated by the calibrated leak, q1 and q2 are the flows generated by the reference leaks, and R, R1 and R2 are the output signals of the mass spectrometer which correspond respectively to q-unknown, q1 and q2.


The diagram of the system for leak calibration is provided below:


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